The collapse series.

2017 is the beginning.
The nightmare that invites itself to our table. Our mom’s illness appearing in our lives, invasive, terrifying, murderous.
I don’t plan to work on what’s happening, but it’s impossible to do otherwise. I become the observer of my own body. I begin to photograph and draw the interior of myself: Setting in situation of a landslide.
The photo, the video, the drawing and the texts are going to allow me to give a matter to this interior disaster, to leave this suffering, to look at it, to touch it, to tame it. To put it down, there, outside my body.
For certain series the titles are soft, a little absurd. They imposed themselves while working, perhaps like a shield in front of the pain. An omen of hope and healing.

Underground Flowers Effondrement II

Hannaka Nice 2018

Digital black and white photos on Fine Art Hahnemühle matte paper 110cm x 45cm

Series printed in 3 copies

Le corps doux apprivoise l'effondrement.

Le corps doux apprivoise l'effondrement.