The mental disorder :
This disorder, invasive, settles and expresses itself outside, in a brutal way for some, more discreet for others.
The body then becomes the spokesperson for this intrusion: a hand that moves a little too much, an inappropriate gesture, a badly made garment, a word that doesn’t make sense, a look that gets lost in the distance. The disorder is then expressed, with its delicate absurdity.
For this series, I wanted to express, through objects and materials installed around a woman’s portrait, the anomaly, the system that jams, while the body remains silent.

La Délicatesse

Hannaka Nice 2021

Digital black and white photos on Fine Art Hahnemühle matte paper 42cm x 29,7cm

Series printed in 3 copies

L’invisible désordre déborde en silence.

L’invisible désordre déborde en silence.